Jewish Protesters Chant and Sing Outside AIPAC Convention

Several hundred Jewish protesters organized by If Not Now gathered outside the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on March 26 amid the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) 2017 Convention in Washington.

The footage shows protesters situated along L Street NW between the two convention center buildings singing songs about Israel. If Not Now, the group responsible for the protest, blasted the right-leaning pro-Israel lobbying group for its support towards Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank. Credit: Instagram/erik887 via Storyful

  • Now that we know who was making all the bomb threats to Jewish centers around the country and the globe, I wonder how many AIPAC supporters and Israel First Jews turned out to overturn head stones in Jewish cemetaries around the country?

    Does the Jew know no shame?

  • Far-right Israeli Zionists are the real terrorists.
  • This is great news for America. the US should put Israel on a low priority then let's see how quickly that coward Bibi moves toward peace.. There are so many things to do in America far more important than relations with Israel. Tell me where does support for Israel fall within these American public policy matters. 1. Affordable Health care for all Americans - Is support of Israel higher or lower? 2. Affordable College/University education for all Americans - Is support of Israel higher or lower? 3. A strong military which keeps the US from wars and retired military who are taken care of in old age - Is support of Israel higher or lower? 4. End to Americans living under the poverty line - Is support of Israel higher or lower? 5. Affordable housing for all Americans - Is support of Israel higher or lower? 6. Ample rewards for those who work hard risking their investment capital - Is support of Israel higher or lower? 7. A safe and honorable retirement for those who have contributed working hard at their companies - Is support of Israel higher or lower? 8. Safe borders - Is support of Israel higher or lower? 9. An end to racism and discrimination - Is support of Israel higher or lower? 10. Drug clean society - Is support of Israel higher or lower? 11. Less government intrusion especially into small business affairs - Is support of Israel higher or lower? 12. A well funded infrastructure of America including roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, etc. - Is support of Israel higher or lower? If you answered any of these as higher then go live in Israel. You will get free healthcare, free education, a strong military, security and billions from the US. America has given Israel enough and what we don't need is to give them more while cutting back on our own social programs.
  • Israel, must stop this practice ASAP.
    Israel has become an apartheid nation.
  • It was reported that Israel's two largest banks - Bank of Leumi and Hapolim Bank assisted US citizens (you take a guess whether it was Gentiles or Jewish) in dodging over $400 million of personal income tax. My guess was neither bank reported earned income and capital gains in exchange for large deposits. Somewhere the AIPAC biggies are gathering for their next pow wow. No way they will allow the books of those Jewish banks to be opened up exposing what Americans took advantage. The smoking gun just might lead right back to some of them. That is sickening! And it's done from our "greatest ally" in the Middle East. Well if that is an ally doing stuff like that then no thank you. Cut off Israel from any aid right now!
  • If these jews love israel so much then they need to leave America and move to israel! America need to STOP giving israel $4 BILLION of our hard earned tax dollars every year!
  • Netanyahu and Likud have said for 20+ years it is all the fault of the Palestinians and "poor little Israel" has no partners for peace. Really? Let me lay out some facts as I see it and the red lines that Netanyahu has laid out; -Israel will never withdraw to the pre-67’ lines; -Israel will never give up East Jerusalem or the Golan Heights; -Israel will never dismantle the Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and E. Jerusalem; -Israel will never talk to anyone who does not recognize Israel as a Jewish state; -Israel will never withdraw troops from the Jordan river; -Israel will never allow the return of Palestinians who were evicted from their ancestral home when Israel was created in ‘48; -Israel will never give up the control of the air, sea, and land routes into the West Bank and Gaza Strip; But wait, it gets even better. -Israel will never be lectured to by any other country either, even if that country happens to be the only friend that it has in the entire world, and is the sole guarantor of Israel’s existence. Other than that, he is willing to make “painful concessions”, but the problem seems to be there is no one on the other side to agree to his terms. So run by me again, exactly who is to blame for the failed peace process? Making lame excuses for Israel only muddles the real reason for the failure. If Jared Kushner is a fair broker he will need to call out the Israelis for this sham.
  • If Jews would just stop breaking Yahweh's commandments everything would be fine. They can't help themselves.
  • There are decent Israelis against the war crimes of their government.
  • 98% of the Jews make the rest look bad.
    I guess the remaining 2% are at least making themselves known.
    Gotta give them credit.